Technical Specs

Updated 10 months ago by Lauren Suiter

Loftie is primarily a wall-connected device, powered by an included USB-C cable and power adapter. USB-C is the latest universal charging standard found in numerous laptops and mobile phones, making it a versatile way to connect Loftie to power. Your Loftie does include a rechargeable back-up battery should the power go out. 


164 mm L x 70 mm W x 70 mm H. Or about 6.5 in. L x 2.75 in. W x 2.75 in. H.

Where is Loftie made and manufactured?

Loftie is designed in the United States and manufactured in China.

What colors does Loftie come in?

At launch, Loftie comes in not one but two (dare we say) gorgeous color combos. That being said, we’re excited about the future of Loftie’s color and customization possibilities. Have a color suggestion, send us a note! 

How many alarms can I set on Loftie?

To be precise, 30. If you need more alarms than that, we’d like to feature you on our social channels ;)