Updated 1 month ago by Lauren Suiter

Loftie is fully updatable through WiFi. This means your Loftie will continue to evolve: Expect new sounds, features, and experiences regularly.  

We will notify you when major updates are available. You can also check this page to confirm you have the most up to date software.

How to Update

Select "Power off" from the Settings menu while your Loftie is plugged in. Upon restarting, Loftie will automatically reconnect to Wifi and begin updating. The update can take up to 30 minutes. Please do not unplug or turn your Loftie off during this time.

Current Software Version: 1.0.7, released 7/21/2021

You can find the version on your Loftie by navigating to the bottom of the Settings menu. The version number will display at the bottom of the menu screen.

New features include:

  • Resolves bugs related to sound quality and the nightlight
  • Re-releases updated Bluetooth features
  • Black Zen Daily Meditation sound content, under Playlists