My alarm didn’t go off

Updated 3 months ago by Maddy Willis

We take alarms very seriously. If your alarm isn’t functioning correctly we have a few things for you to try.

Check the alarm volume (which is different from the sound volume). On the Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go to ALARMS > SETTINGS > VOLUME and make sure the volume is up.

Delete all alarms you have set and RESTART your Loftie by holding the small circular button on the top right of the Loftie until the screen blacks out. After that, set a test alarm for a few minutes into the future to ensure your alarm goes off as intended.

Confirm that when you set an alarm, you see it reflected in the lower-left corner of the clockface.

If you set an alarm via the app and it is not showing as being set on the Loftie, we reccomend you sign out of the app and sign back in. Then delete all the alarms you have and set a test alarm to ensure your alarm goes off.

If you still experience issues with your alarm, please contact us at