Updated 1 month ago by Lindsay Rodabaugh

Hooray! Loftie is shipping! However, as a brand new product, this doesn’t mean all pre-orders will be fulfilled instantly, even though we wish they could be. Pre-orders will continue to be fulfilled throughout December. We are getting batches shipped (flown, technically speaking) weekly from the factory and turning them around to you as quickly as possible. 

If you ordered before October 20th, you can plan on receiving your order in the second half of December. All other orders placed after October 20th will arrive in January. 

January Shipping

Over 5,000 people have already ordered a Loftie and we're prioritizing shipping those orders. We will be trying our best to get your order shipped sooner, but there are some constraints beyond our control (like just how many Lofties can be made per week!). Thank you for your patience.

International Shipping

Due to the complexity of shipping internationally, we are currently not taking new orders shipping outside of the United States and Canada.