Loftie won’t turn on

Updated 3 weeks ago by Lauren Suiter

Loftie is intended to be used with the included power cord and wall adapter. While Loftie does include a backup battery, it is meant to be used for short periods of time while Loftie is being moved or, as the name intends, in the case of a power outage overnight. 

Loftie will turn on automatically when it is plugged in. You can restart Loftie by holding the small round select button until you see the screen turn off (about 15-20 seconds). 

If your Loftie isn’t turning on, or is turning off on its own, please double check all connection points to ensure that Loftie is receiving power, including: the power cord into Loftie and into the wall adapter and the prong adapter in the wall charger (the plate with your country’s plug pins must be pushed all the way in until you hear a click). 

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