Problem Updating

Updated 3 months ago by Lauren Suiter

Loftie automatically checks for available updates when first connected (or reconnected) to WiFi. This update can take up an hour, depending on the amount of content it is downloading and the speed of your internet connection. (This is one reason we like to release small but frequent updates, we don’t want your Loftie out of commission for too long!) Please leave Loftie plugged in and let it do its thing while it is updating so we can ensure you’ll have all the latest features and sound content. 

If your Loftie is displaying the Updating screen for longer than an hour, please unplug your Loftie and hold down the small round select button until the screen turns off (about 15-20 seconds). Plug your Loftie back in and complete the initial setup process. 

Your Loftie does need to be connected to the internet in order to start and complete an update. If your Loftie is not automatically updating upon a restart, you may not have an active internet connection on your Loftie. Please try to “Forget Wifi” in the Settings menu (this will cause your Loftie to restart) and complete the setup process. 

If you continue to have issues updating your Loftie, please contact us at