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Something about your Loftie doesn’t seem right? 

Check that your Loftie is securely plugged in, using the included power cord and wall adapter. Double check the double prong adapter is completely seated in the power brick, and unplug and re-plug the USB-C connector from the back of Loftie. 

If Loftie is not responding or is updating for more than 30 minutes, restart it by holding the main button down for ten seconds. Loftie will go black and then you will see a Welcome screen.

Need more help?

Loftie is not scanning

WiFi pairing failed

App Connection

Check Your Connection

Loftie Offline  

Incorrect Time

Don't see support for the issue you're encountering or need additional help? Contact us.

Setup Support

1. Double-check the Bluetooth is turned on and you are connected to WiFi on your phone.

2. Restart Loftie by holding down the small round select button (the one on the right) for 15 seconds while Loftie is plugged into power. Once Loftie turns back on and has the prompt to connect through the app, return to the app on your phone. If it doesn't show up immediately, try rescanning.

Pairing Failed

Please double check your WiFi password as this is the most common reason Loftie is unable to connect.

App Connection 

If you see the message, “Go to App to set up” on Loftie, please select the “Connect a Loftie to WiFi” button on the app to complete the initial setup. 

Don’t see “Get a code?” in your settings? You need to update your Loftie software in order to proceed. With your Loftie plugged in, select "Power off" from the Settings menu. This will automatically restart your Loftie and will begin the update. You can learn more about updates here

Pairing code failed? Confirm the code on your phone matches the code on Loftie or press any button on your Loftie to exit the current code and select “Get a code” again to generate a new code. Still not working? Try restarting Loftie and trying one more time.

Learn more about the app here.

Check your Connection

See a “Check your connection” message? Please restart your Loftie and double check you have the most up to date software. Learn about updates here.

If you are on the most up to date software, please confirm the network your Loftie is connected to has a strong connection and is online.

Still no connection? Try reconnecting your Loftie by selecting “Forget WiFi” from the Settings menu.

Please contact us if you’re still seeing the message after following these steps.

Offline Loftie 

Please restart your Loftie by selecting “Power off” from the Settings menu or holding down the Select button for 15 seconds. Loftie automatically reconnects to the last network used if it is available. 

Double check that your WiFi network is online and properly connecting to other devices. If your network is online, choose “Forget WiFi” from the Settings menu and complete the setup process in the app.

Still not working? Please contact us and include your serial number on the bottom of your Loftie. 

Time not correct? 

Loftie pulls the time automatically based on your local time zone. If the time isn't incorrect, this indicates your Loftie may no longer be connected to WiFi. Select "Forget WiFi" from the Settings menu, and follow the steps in the app to reconnect your Loftie to WiFi. 

If you are running a Pihole or any other kind of VPN or privacy hardware or software on your network, this may be blocking the API we use for determining the timezone. If so, can you please try whitelisting

Contact Us

If you encounter a recurring problem or issue you cannot resolve please reach out to us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

While we have done extensive testing on our own, the most valuable feedback comes from you! Rest assured, we'll work with you to get to the bottom of any problem and ensure you have a fully functioning Loftie.