Incorrect Time

Updated 3 weeks ago by Lauren Suiter

Loftie pulls the time from the internet. If you do not see the correct time on your Loftie. it is likely that your Loftie is offline. (If your Loftie has the accurate minutes, but the hour is off, check out our article on time zones here.) 

Try to reconnect by selecting “Forget WiFi” from the Settings menu to reconnect to your WiFi network. 

If you still do not see the correct time displayed on your Loftie, but do not get a “Pairing Failed” message during the connection process, then there is likely something blocking Loftie from accessing the internet. This usually occurs at the router level, and we have seen it happen automatically, especially with Xfinity/Comcast routers. (Or an unknowing family member may have blocked Loftie by accident!) You may be able to refresh the settings by restarting your router. 

If that doesn’t work, you will need to login to your router’s management system (either online or an app) and manually unblock Loftie. Each router will have slightly different systems, but we have provided a rough outline of the steps below. The management system allows you to view which devices are connected to your network, as well as pause or block certain devices. If your Loftie is running the latest software, Loftie appears as “Loftie” (earlier versions of our software will show the chip maker, ExpressIf). Unpause or unblock Loftie in the router system, then restart your Loftie. 

Still not seeing the right time? Contact us at Please provide as much information as possible, including when the issue started and information about your router and internet service provider.