Updated 1 month ago by Lauren Suiter

Light or dark, we have you covered.

Loftie features a super cozy, adjustable nightlight so you can dial in the right bedside mood. 

The Loftie display adjusts automatically to the light in your room, dimming its brightness as the day winds down. Loftie also offers a full ‘blackout mode’ that completely turns off the display, helping you maintain a completely dark sleeping space.

Loftie doesn’t have a sunrise lamp built in (long story short, we didn’t want the form of a floodlight and we’re pretty happy with how it looks), but we offer similar experiences by connecting to other smart home hardware, such as Philips Hue light bulbs. Imagine the lights in your room slowly brightening as your alarm is going off. That said, you can absolutely include the Loftie's own nightlight in your morning wake-up if you'd like, we just wouldn't want to guarantee that it will wake you up.