Alarms not syncing with app

Updated 3 months ago by Lauren Suiter

Your Loftie and the app sync over WiFi. Both your Loftie and your phone need to be connected to the internet(they do not need to be on the same network) in order for alarms and other changes to sync correctly. Changes made through the app may take up to 30 seconds to reflect on Loftie. 

Your Loftie does reestablish a connection to the cloud approximately once an hour and it will be temporarily disconnected for about 30 seconds. It will automatically reconnect. If you see a notice in your app that informs you that your Loftie is offline for more than 30 seconds, please double check your internet connection. You can also try restarting or resetting your Loftie by selecting “Power Off” or “Forget WiFi” in the Settings menu. If you forget WiFi, you will need to select “Forget Loftie” within the app and follow the steps to reconnect your Loftie. 

If both your Loftie and your phone are connected to the internet and you are still seeing discrepancies between your app and Loftie, please log out of the app, completely close it (i.e. swipe it up), and then open it and login again. Please also ensure you have the most recent version of the app and software on Loftie (you can check the latest version here). 

Please contact us at if you are still experiencing trouble with the app.