WiFi and Bluetooth

Updated 3 weeks ago by Lindsay Rodabaugh

Long-term: You don’t need to have WiFi or Bluetooth on to use Loftie. Our basic clock, alarm, and sound machine features will be ready to roll out of the box even if you never connect the device to the companion app or the internet. BUT, for the first month, we’re making improvements just about daily and we need your Loftie to be connected in order to get you the best experience.

Loftie will connect to almost every music source via Bluetooth, and also be paired with Bluetooth headphones (this latter feature is coming soon). Loftie does not have an auxiliary (aux) port for wired headphones. 

Loftie does not have any microphones listening or cameras watching—only the things you need to wind down and wake up.

Like all electrical appliances, Loftie does dissipate electric energy. Unlike a phone, however, Loftie does not require a cell phone signal, which means far less wireless activity.