Alarm Functionality

Updated 3 months ago by Lauren Suiter

Our two-phase alarm is designed to first wake you up gently and then follow up with a more emphatic “get up” alarm. The wake up sound will go off at your set alarm time and fade out after 30 seconds; nine minutes later, the get up sound will let you know it’s time to start your day. 

The large oval snooze button can be used during either alarm. The small round select button turns off the alarm cycle completely and can be used at any point after the wake up sound starts. 

How to set an alarm:

Select Alarms from the menu (accessible by clicking either arrow button). Select New and then use the arrow buttons to change each digit and the select button to move to the next number (snooze bar to go back). Select an alarm to change the time, set/unset, or delete it. Within each alarm’s individual settings, you can also set an alarm to go off on certain days of the week automatically. This means no more accidental 6 am alarms on a Saturday and no more over-sleeping on Monday. 

Under the Alarms menu, you can also access additional settings to change the volume of your alarms, as well as the wake up and get up tones.