Sound Content

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Relax with our unique content, including sound baths, breathwork, and more.

Sounds on Loftie

Do you like white noise? How about Pink noise? Blue? Red? Brown? Loftie has an entire rainbow of color noises available in the SOUNDS menu.

More of a nature fan? We have that too! Morning Rain makes you feel cozy, Campfire will make you feel like you're sleeping next to a crackling fire and if you're looking for some beach vibes check out Remote Cay-- all of these, and more, are available on Loftie!

We’re always looking to add more sounds. If there’s a sound missing for you, contact us at We take requests!


Playlists are where you will find exclusive Loftie content. Meditations, Breathwork, soundbaths, Classical music and sleep stories can all be found under the playlists.

Loftie does not currently support playing your own content. But you can stream your own content via Bluetooth to Loftie, allowing you to play songs and playlists that have optimal sound frequencies for you.


We are working on many integrations with existing apps to allow you to sync the content you already love directly to Loftie. The first one up will be Spotify—you’ll be able to play your playlists on your Loftie directly (without a phone).

In order to integrate with Loftie, the app needs to offer an open API (basically, a tap we can connect Loftie to). Some of our most requested integrations unfortunately do not offer an open API, including Audible, Headspace, and Calm. Very soon, however, you will be able to play that content as you would on any Bluetooth speaker (from your phone). If you want to encourage your favorite app to partner with us, shoot them a message, it always helps for them to hear the request from their users! In the good news department, lots of other services DO offer an open API and we’ll be connecting many of them. 


Loftie does not have a radio (that is, the classic AM/FM tuner), but, Loftie does have Bluetooth capability.

Partial Hearing Loss

You can stream your own content to Loftie, allowing you to play songs and playlists that have optimal sound frequencies for you. 

We at Loftie continue to research ways to improve our product and have started a wishlist of features for those with varying levels of hearing loss. Some additions we are considering are: an alarm system that flashes light, and a library of alarm tones that may be more optimal for those with hearing loss.

Have ideas about sound content you want to see on Loftie? Email us at