The app can’t find my Loftie

Updated 1 week ago by Lauren Suiter

The setup process assists Loftie with connecting to your WiFi network. You will need the Loftie app downloaded on your phone, and Loftie turned on and plugged in. You should see the “Go to app to set up” message displayed on your Loftie. Get a full overview of the setup process here. 

The first step of the setup process uses Bluetooth to locate your Loftie. Please ensure that your phone has Bluetooth turned on. If you have an Android device, please also ensure that your phone has Location Services enabled and permissions granted for the Loftie app. 

After ensuring that your phone has the appropriate settings, if you are still not seeing Loftie appear in the scan:

  • Restart your Loftie by holding down the small round select button until the screen goes black (about 15-20 seconds, until the screen blacks out). 
  • Click “Rescan” for Lofties on the app once your Loftie has restarted.
  • Try using another mobile device or tablet. 

If you still don’t see your Loftie when you scan for devices, please email us at