Updated 5 months ago by Lauren Suiter

Our two-phase alarm is designed to wake you up gently followed by a more emphatic get up alarm. The wake up sound will go off at your set alarm time and fade out after 30 seconds, if not manually snoozed. 9 minutes later, the get up sound will let you know it’s time to start your day! Not ready yet? Just hit snooze to get some more zzz’s. 

How to set an alarm:

To set an alarm from the menu, use the arrow buttons to change each digit and the select button to move to the next number. Select an alarm to change the time, set/unset, or delete it.

A checked box by an alarm in the list means it is set to go off. Once an alarm is set, it will repeat daily until unselected. Alarms are remembered even if Loftie is restarted. Rest assured, we’ll always wake you up on time!