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Having trouble with your Loftie products? We're here to help! Check out our FAQ section for some answers.


My Loftie won’t turn on

Loftie is not designed to run off the internal battery exclusively and we recommend you use Loftie with it plugged in at all times.

My Loftie says “Go to App to Set Up”

If you are seeing “Go To App To Set Up” on your Loftie screen, that means you need to connect your Loftie to WiFi. Please see our set-up article. You won’t be able to access any of Loftie’s functions until you connect it to WiFi first.

I get a Sync Failed message on the app

A sync failed message on the app means that there is a communication issue between Loftie, the cloud, and the app. We recommend closing out the app and opening it again. If the sync message persists, we recommend disconnecting the app from Loftie and

I keep getting a “Check Connection” message

This message indicates that Loftie is having difficulty communicating with the cloud. Check back in fifteen minutes. If the message continues, then there is most likely a connection issue between Loftie and your router. We recommend checking your rou

I keep getting a "WiFi Connection Failed" message

That WiFi Connection failed/Pairing failed message appears 99% of the time when the network password is incorrect or if there is an extra space at the end. If you've double-triple-checked the password and you're still getting that "WiFi-Connection fa

My Loftie doesn't show up when I scan for it

If your Loftie displays the time, then it is currently connected to WiFi-- which is why it doesn't show up when you scan. If your Loftie displays Go To App To Set Up but it doesn't appear when you scan, we recommend a fresh start.Restart your Loftie:

How do I restart Loftie?

To restart Loftie: Press and hold the small circular button on the top right of the Loftie until the screen blacks out. Then plug in your Loftie and it will start again.

My alarm didn’t go off

1. Check the alarm volume (which is different from the sound volume). On the Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go to ALARMS → SETTINGS → VOLUME and make sure the volume is up. 2. Delete all alarms you have set and RESTART your Loftie. Unplug Loftie an

Loftie can’t find my WiFi Network

Loftie can only connect to a 2.4 GHz network and the Loftie app will only broadcast 2.4Ghz networks. Most home routers broadcast both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. In some cases, these networks might coexist under the same name, but in other cases, the

Community WiFi

If you need to connect Loftie to a community WiFi network-- like for a University or Apartment complex -- you will need a MAC address. Once you have the MAC address you can give it to the person in charge of the WiFi and have them whitelist the MAC a

My Loftie won’t stop updating

Update times can vary, depending on the strength of the WiFi signal and the amount of content downloading-- especially if you're setting up Loftie for the first time (lots of content to download). Loftie may also restart multiple times during the pro

My Loftie won’t stop “waking up”

If you see a “waking up” screen, that means your Loftie is looking for the WiFi signal to connect.Double-check to make sure your router is broadcasting a 2.4Ghz WiFi network your Loftie is connected to. If the wake-up takes longer than 10 minutes, re

My Loftie is displaying the wrong time

Loftie gets the time from your WiFi connection so if the time is wrong on your Loftie, it might be having difficulty connecting to the WiFi. We have a few things for you to try:. Set the time zone manually: on your Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go

None of the sounds are playing on my Loftie

If you’re experiencing issues with your Loftie speaker, we recommend trying the following:. 1. Restart Loftie. Unplug Loftie. Press and hold the circular button until the screen blacks out. Plug Loftie back in to boot it up. 2. Press and hold the lef

Can I control multiple Lofties on the app?

At the moment, the app can only support one Loftie at a time. But remember, the app is completely optional! After you use the app to connect your Loftie to WiFi, all functionality (and more) is on the Loftie itself. You can even DELETE the app if you

Traveling with Loftie

Before you embark on a journey with your Loftie, remember to tell your Loftie to FORGET WIFI (and tell the app to FORGET LOFTIE) before you leave. To do this, on Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go to SETTINGS > FORGET WIFI. On the app, press the thr

Connecting a new Loftie Clock

Updated October 15, 2022. Again, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. You may contact us at [email protected] if you need any additional assistance.