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Learning more about Loftie: Find out more about our products and their unique features - from wifi and technical specs to Bluetooth features.



Loftie’s unique alarm system consists of two different alarm sounds separated by a 9-minute snooze. Adjust the alarm tones via the app or the Loftie.

WiFi and Technical Specs

Learn about Loftie's Technical Specifications: Where it's made, how it works and what the dimensions are.

Speaker and Headphones and Bluetooth

We've designed the Loftie speaker to be powerful enough to wake even the deepest of sleepers with a high-res sound enhancement 'DSP' chip.


Light or dark, we have you covered. Loftie features a super cozy, adjustable nightlight so you can dial in the right bedside mood.

Sound Content

Loftie has an entire rainbow of color noises available in the SOUNDS menu. Relax with our unique content, including sound baths, breathwork, and more.

Phone & App

Not ready to break up with your phone just yet? No worries, we got you covered. We support both iOS and Android apps.

Bed Signal

The new sound of bedtime is here with Loftie’s Bed Signal feature. The relaxing three minute ambient lullaby meant to lull you to bed.

Other Features

Learn about Loftie's Sleep Timer, Night Light, Volume control, Blackout Mode, Restart options and more!


Loftie has two separate volume controls - one for alarms and one for other sounds. If you like a loud alarm but a soft white noise, we got you!