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Use Loftie Lamp

How to use the Loftie Lamp


Lamp Setup

Hello! It’s time to see sleep in a new light. To get started, follow these simple steps:. 1. Assemble your Loftie Lamp and plug in. Plug your Lamp in and it will turn on automatically. You will see a small ring of lights on the bottom of the lamp whi

Lamp 101

The Loftie Lamp has three buttons on the lower back of the column that controls the lamp. Upon plugging in the lamp, a ring of lights will turn on around the base of the lamp. This indicates that the lamp is powering on. Once they turn off the lamp i

Updating your Lamp

Wait! Updating a Loftie Clock? Go to this page here!. Loftie Lamp is easy to update — just unplug it and plug it back in. Some FAQs about updating:. Q: How do I know if my Lamp is updating?. A: It will change colors as it's downloading its update. Fi

Sunrise Alarms

Your Loftie Lamp isn’t an ordinary bedside lamp—it is also a personal sunrise, even if you want to wake up at noon!. You must have your Loftie Lamp connected to the Loftie app in order to set an alarm. You can learn more here or email us at support@b

Lamp and the Loftie App

Your lamp connects with the Loftie app to unlock features such as sunrise alarms and custom light modes. You can always choose to use your lamp solely offline if you’d prefer to not connect it. Connecting. In order to connect your lamp to the Loftie

Lamp Evening Features

Here at Loftie, we believe that having a consistent and enjoyable bedtime routine is just as important as the morning. Besides being a great reading light, your Loftie Lamp has several features designed for evening use. Night Mode. First and foremost