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Getting StartedUpdated a year ago

Hello! Welcome to Loftie. 

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

getting started

1. Turn your Loftie on 

Simply plug your Loftie in and it will turn on automatically.

Not powering on? Double check the double prong adapter is securely seated on the power brick, and unplug and re-plug the USB-C connector from the back of Loftie.

get started app

2. Download the Loftie app

Install the Loftie app from the Apple App Store (1.3.4) or Google Play (28) on your phone. Please double check you have the most up-to-date version. 

3. Follow the steps in the Loftie app 

Click “Set up a new Loftie” and follow the steps to connect your Loftie to WiFi. Your Loftie may update with the newest software and content upon connecting. The update should take about 30 minutes, and after it restarts, your Loftie will set the time automatically and be ready to use. 

What Next?

Pair Loftie with your app in order to control volume and set alarms remotely. Follow the steps in the app after your Loftie completes the initial update. Learn more about the app here.

Your Loftie is fully updatable and many additional features will be available very soon. Confirm you have the most up to date software and learn more about updates here.

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