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Loftie 101Updated 10 months ago

Everything in Loftie is accessible from the menu, which you can access by pressing one of the arrow keys. Here are the basics of each button’s functionality. 

Learn more about how to navigate your Loftie below and check out our Tips & Tricks to learn about shortcuts and how to make the most of your Loftie!

Snooze Button

The snooze button turns the nightlight on and off when you’re viewing the clock. Hold the button to activate blackout mode (push any other button to exit). When navigating the menus you can use the snooze button to go back one menu level. 

Arrow Buttons

Push either arrow button to bring up and navigate the main menu. Hold either arrow button to jump to the volume settings.

Main Button

The main button is used to select menu items. It can also be used to pause or play local content when viewing the clock. Holding the main button for ten to 15 seconds will turn Loftie on/off. 


The Settings menu contains everything you need to customize Loftie for your nightstand, including:  

  • Sound volume
  • Screen brightness
  • Nightlight brightness
  • Bed Signal
  • Sleep timer
  • Get a code for app pairing 
  • Timezone
  • Time Mode (24-hour time option)
  • Forget WiFi 
  • Power off Loftie

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