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My Loftie doesn't show up when I scan for itUpdated 5 months ago

If your Loftie displays the time, then it is currently connected to WiFi-- which is why it doesn't show up when you scan. 

If your Loftie displays Go To App To Set Up but it doesn't appear when you scan, we recommend a fresh start.

Restart your Loftie: Unplug your Loftie and then press and hold the small circular button until the screen blacks out. Plug your Loftie back in to boot it up.

Close out of the app. Reopen it. 

Select the option: Reconnect a Loftie to WiFi

Still not showing up? We'll be happy to help. 
Email us at [email protected]
Please include your Loftie's serial number and the type of device you're using with the app.

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