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My Loftie is displaying the wrong timeUpdated 4 months ago

Loftie gets the time from your WiFi connection so if the time is wrong on your Loftie, it might be having difficulty connecting to the WiFi. We have a few things for you to try:

Set the time zone manually: on your Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go to SETTINGS > SET TIME ZONE.
After you set the time manually, restart your Loftie: Unplug Loftie and press and hold the small circular button until the screen blacks out. Then plug your Loftie back in to boot it up.

Try to reconnect to the WiFi: on your Loftie, use the arrow buttons to go to SETTINGS and scroll down to “Forget WiFi”. Then use the app to reconnect Loftie to your WiFi network.

We recommend checking your router's management systems for any blocked devices-- including Loftie. Loftie's manufacturing ID may appear as "espressif" so be sure to double-check that it wasn't accidentally blocked by a member of your household. (Hey, it happens!)

Still not seeing the right time? Contact us at [email protected] and include the following:
The serial number on the bottom of your Loftie 
The make and model number of your router 
The name of your internet service provider

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