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My Loftie won’t turn onUpdated 6 months ago

Loftie is not designed to run off the internal battery exclusively and we recommend you use Loftie with it plugged in at all times. If your Loftie is not turning on when it's plugged in, we recommend trying the following:

1. Unplug the USB-C cable and from Loftie and plug it back in. When the USB cable is plugged into Loftie you should be able to gently pull the cord without it coming unplugged. It should feel secure.

2. Check the cable to ensure there aren't any kinks or dents in the cable or USB plug.

3. Try a different outlet or restart the outlet you're currently using. Also, double-check to make sure the current outlet is getting power (and is not controlled by a light switch that was turned off by accident).

4. If you have a spare USB brick (like one for an iPhone) plug Loftie into that. 

5. If your Loftie was unplugged for an extended period of time, the battery might be completely drained. After you check all the connections, leave Loftie plugged in. It will boot up on its own.

If you’re still unable to bring your Loftie back up, contact us at [email protected]

Please include the serial number on the bottom of your Loftie, your order number, and let us know what you've tried.

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