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None of the sounds are playing on my LoftieUpdated 4 months ago

If you’re experiencing issues with your Loftie speaker, we recommend trying the following:

1. Restart Loftie. Unplug Loftie. Press and hold the circular button until the screen blacks out. Plug Loftie back in to boot it up.

2. Press and hold the left arrow button to bring up the volume control and adjust it to where you need it.

3. On your Loftie, go to ALARMS > SETTINGS > VOLUME and make sure that's up as well.

4. Go to ALARMS > SETTINGS > GET UP and scroll through the tones and tell me if you're able to hear them preview.

5. Go the the Sounds menu and play any of the sounds or playlists.

If you still have no luck after trying the steps listed above, please contact us at [email protected] and include the serial number on the bottom of your Loftie.

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